About Us


Shed Stash Started Exactly How You'd Imagine - In a Shed!


Hi I'm Jonathan Pierce and I wanted a way to offer unique items in a fun laid back way. Opening my own "Shed" resale business pretty much nailed it. It started with every resale item under the sun - furniture, bikes, tools, musical gear, decor, clothing, electronics, yes, the Shed has seen it all!

Pretty soon things got crowded and it was time to move things online. Today Shed Stash offers both Pre-owned and New items that are all available at ShedStash.com.

People have even driven from other states just to visit us in Tulsa, Oklahoma and buy a Shed Stash item that caught their eye. We’ve also shipped items to people all over the world!

Here's a photo of me sitting in front of the Shed where it all started - ShedShedStash.com! Thanks for visiting the Shed and I hope you find something super cool that you love!