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Resale Shop in Tulsa - The Tulsa Shed Shop

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In this video you will learn about a Resale Shop in Tulsa - The Tulsa Shed Shop!



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Jonathan Pierce
Consignment Resale Online Store


Video Transcription:


Hi my name is Jonathan Pierce and I sell consignment resale out of this building right behind me called The Tulsa Shed Shop. The Shed Shop is a resale shop in Tulsa that’s always offering a unique mix of items. In this video, I’m going to show you some of the most interesting things that have come through the shop. So stay tuned.

Sometimes the coolest stuff is in the most random places. At least that’s the case at the Tulsa Shed Shop. Furniture, electronics, tools. In our business we run across a little bit of everything and post it all for sale at The place is so unique we decided it needed its own show. So we threw a stage in front of it to find out what would happen. This is Tulsa Shed Shop.

Alright, so I’m going to show you some pictures of some of the unique resale items that I’ve had available. And if at any point of the video you want to see what we’re selling on our website now, just click that link on the bottom left-hand corner where it says, and that’s actually a live link you can click on that will show you all the new items we have for sale right now.

So the first example is vintage electronics. I’ve had cool record players, old boom boxes, and even karaoke machines - The ones that would play a cassette or a CD. Here’s an ET lamp, this would plug in and there was a light bulb inside that would make ET light up. Here was a section of lockers. I don’t know if this was the original color, but it has that classic look and is exactly the kind of thing that someone would install in a cool way in a room or an entryway. Here was a Lite Brite that had all the pieces and a whole stack of the patterns that you could use to create the different images.

 I’ve had a good mix of game systems, I’ve had Nintendo stuff, Playstation stuff, Xbox stuff and handheld games. This was an Art Deco-style light that was just very unique in the way that it looked. Here were some mannequin heads, these were meant for a salon where you would train on these to cut hair, but the person that bought them was going to use them for a haunted corn maze that they did every year during Halloween and these are going to be one more set of items that they were going to put out there to scare people which I think is definitely going to do the trick.

This was a show-and-tell record player and the way this would work is you would have a record that would usually be musical and would tell a story and accompanying it would be a film strip that you would put in that slot on the side and as the record went around, the slide would change to a different picture to match what was being told in the story on the record. So it was just a cool item to see and to have come into the shop.

 So those are the kinds of items we get in all the time, and if you want to have first dibs on what comes in the shop, just sign up for the email list at the top of the website and that will make sure you get notified when the new items come in. We can also ship any item, so you can always contact us for a shipping quote on any item as well.

Well hopefully that helped you learn more about my resale shop in Tulsa, and next time you’re looking for resale items, make sure to check out

Want to see what’s available at the Tulsa Shed Shop this week? We’ve got it all posted at We offer local pickup in Tulsa, Oklahoma and can also ship any item worldwide. If you want to find out what we’ll be selling next, just join the email list. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time at

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